Want to Be a Part-Time Franchisee? What You Need to Know

Want to Be a Part-Time Franchisee? What You Need to Know

Credit: Vasin Lee/Shutterstock

Entrepreneurship is enticing for many people, but not everyone wants to start from the ground up or has an idea to create a business from scratch. Joining a franchise and running a branch of someone else’s business can be a great step through the entrepreneurial door without the hassle and stress of starting at the very beginning.

However, full-time franchising can be a lot of work and take a lot of time, which is why more franchisees are signing on with parent companies offering part-time franchising opportunities. Two companies that currently offer part-time franchise opportunities are ABC Do-Re-ME!, a music education program for children, and Maui Wowi, a company that sells Hawaiian coffees and healthy fruit smoothies. Ellie Greenberg, who founded ABC Do-Re-ME! in 2009, began franchising her company to give mothers like herself the opportunity to make extra money while still having plenty of time to spend with their children.

Maui Wowi has been offering franchise opportunities for 20 of the 35 years it has been in business, and currently has over 200 full- and part-time franchisees. Mike Weinberger, a former franchising attorney and CEO of Maui Wowi, said that many of the company’s part-time franchisees begin with the goal of making their franchise a full-time job. Regardless of your schedule, it’s important to remember that franchise ownership is a big commitment.

“Even if you’re part-time, don’t take it lightly,” Weinberger advised. “Do your due diligence, and don’t make any decisions until you’ve gotten all the information you can.”