5 Steps to Becoming a More Passionate, Dedicated Entrepreneur

5 Steps to Becoming a More Passionate, Dedicated Entrepreneur

In the business world, it takes both passion and dedication to rise to the top.
Nathan Resnick

Nathan Resnick Guest Writer

5 Steps to Becoming a More Passionate, Dedicated Entrepreneur

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I’ve heard time and time again that anyone can become an entrepreneur. For the most part, I find this to be true. At any given time, at least one person I know is trying to start a business. Some of these individuals find success, but others find that entrepreneurship a long and trying road that ends in failure.

Why do I bring this up in a post about becoming a more passionate, dedicated entrepreneur, though? Well, although anyone can “do” entrepreneurship, not everyone can do it well. To really succeed as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to work harder for your venture than you’ve ever worked in your life.

Recently, I spoke with Jon Read about how he found success as an entrepreneur. A few years ago, Read lived through a profound experience — a motorcycle crash. After this life-changing event, he had to overcome huge obstacles, and the course of his life changed completely. When he was finally recovered from the crash, he did something he never saw coming . . . he started a company in the medical field.

Read was by no means a medical person, but when he was injured, he found a need in the medical field that he wanted to address. So, he started Keet Health, an all-in-one tool that improves the physician-patient experience.

Today, you can find him putting in 18-hour days and skipping meals (not recommended) to grow his company. According to Read, “Passion is curated from experience. My experience lit a fire in me to want to change the recovery experience for others. You can turn any passion into an impactful project . . . it just takes a little bit of work.”

The “work” Read refers to can actually be broken down into five steps that I want to share with you. These steps are some keys to unlocking the crazy passion many entrepreneurs exhibit.

If you want to start or grow your own business but currently lack this kind of dedication, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find five concrete steps you can take to become a more passionate, dedicated entrepreneur.

1. Change your perspective

Your working life is comprised of about 80,000 hours. This is a huge chunk of time with unlimited possibilities, but interestingly enough, there’s one common type of advice — follow your passion.

On the surface, this sounds like sage advice. As you dig a bit further into it, though, it can begin to unravel. What if you don’t know what you’re passionate about? What if you think you’re passionate about something, but others seem to have more passion for the same thing? As it turns out, this common convention doesn’t always make sense.

So, instead of focusing on passion, focus on how you can be meaningful. Try to find something that has more impact than financial ROI. Of course, you can still lead a career in entrepreneurship that’s extremely lucrative, but your first goal should still be meaningful work. To grow your passion, remind yourself that you’re contributing to the solution for a pressing problem every day.

2. Don’t overcomplicate things

When you align with something meaningful, worry might start to set in. Starting and running your own company is bound to make you feel inadequate at times, but this shouldn’t hold you back. Regardless of your experience, just get started. The sooner you get going on your new passion, the faster you’ll learn more and begin to come an expert in the field.

As you begin to work with your passion, doubt will inevitably sneak in. You might find yourself caught up in the fact that you don’t know if you’ll be able to see the problem through, but try not to get lost in this thought. Instead, break your work into smaller, more manageable chunks. Focus on daily small steps that move you forward. Before long, you won’t be over-complicating things, but effectively tackling every task as it arises.

3. Embrace being new.

It’s often hard for people to hear that they’re wrong or that they misunderstand something. Being a novice is not easy, but if you can learn to accept that you are a beginner, you’ll open yourself up to a world of possibility.

When you accept your blank slate, you’ll be able to learn more about your field. A big part of becoming passionate is learning. Remember, as a beginner, you’re in a great position to develop a deep interest and love for your venture.

4. Cope with failure.

Signing onto a project where failure is nearly guaranteed seems ridiculous, but countless entrepreneurs do it every day. Although your life has probably been built around avoiding failure, you’ll need to embrace it to become a more passionate and dedicated entrepreneur.

The individuals thriving as entrepreneurs view failure as a normal and acceptable occurrence. When they fail, they figure out what went wrong and then they move on. Persevering over little mistakes and issues is toxic in entrepreneurship. Luckily, anyone can learn how to view failure as a challenge.

5. Give yourself space.

When all is said and done, you want your venture to complement you, not complete you. Some people allow their passion to become a part of who they are, which can stifle growth. To really succeed, you’ll need to keep a bit of autonomy so you can make rational, objective business decisions that draw you closer to your goals.

To ensure that your passion does not overrun who you are, ask yourself this question every year: “Would an outsider associate my venture with me, or would they say that I am my venture?”


30 Top Podcasts for Influential Entrepreneurs

30 Top Podcasts for Influential Entrepreneurs

Listening to podcasts is the easiest way to learn from the influencers you most respect.
Josh Steimle

Josh Steimle Guest Writer

30 Top Podcasts for Influential Entrepreneurs

Image credit: Ron Levine | Getty Images
You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If you want to be a top influencer and get paid to speak, land book deals, get interviewed by the press and build your business, you need to spend time with other top influencers. One way to get easy access to high-quality mentors (for free!) who can help you become a top influencer is to listen to podcasts that are hosted by, or that interview, other influencers. Here are some of my favorites that have helped me up my game.

1. Grant Baldwin

Grant Baldwin is an established speaker, author, influencer, and entrepreneur. Above all else, he’s just a normal dude with a passion for working really hard. This perspective makes his podcast, The Speaker Lab Podcast, very raw and valuable to entrepreneurs.

2. Youpreneur

Youpreneur is an entrepreneurial community that provides founders the support system they need to be successful. Hosted by recognized entrepreneur and best-selling author Chris Ducker, the Youpreneur Podcast provides tons of actionable and result-driven advice.

3. RED influencer

The focus of the RED Podcast is to provide entrepreneurs the tools they need to reach, expand, and develop their audiences. Run by David Hooper and Laurel Staples, the podcast is famous for implementing time-tested strategies that really work.

4. Marketing Book Podcast

The Marketing Book Podcast, hosted by Artillery Marketing, is one of the top 10 podcasts for marketers. The podcast runs through weekly interviews with authors to help you keep up with what’s actually working in the quickly changing, real world of marketing.

5. Ask Gary Vee

The globally recognized entrepreneur, speaker, and author Gary Vaynerchuk also runs his own podcast where the audience gets to ask questions and he answers them. Dubbed the #AskGaryVee Show, the podcast has become a great resource for hearing more of Gary’s eccentric, motivational voice come to life.

6. The Top With Nathan Latka

Nathan Latka is a 25 year old software entrepreneur who has raised millions of dollars and attracted tens of thousands of paying customers. Now he runs The Top, a frequently updated podcast with interviews of entrepreneurs who are leaders in their industries.

7. EOFire

The EOFire Podcast, hosted by John Lee Dumas, has become an incredibly popular resource for millions of entrepreneurs every single month. His model is simple: bring in inspiring entrepreneurs to motivate his community. It’s proven to be working!

8. Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch, founder of Duct Tape Marketing, has made a career of helping small businesses market simply, affordably, and effectively with his systematic approach.  On his Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, he interviews influencers and covers everything from marketing strategy to the tactics discussed in his latest book SEO for Growth, which he co-wrote with Phil Singleton.

9. Podcraft

The Podcraft Podcast is all about the art of podcasting. Every episode, Colin Gray gives listeners actionable tips about everything from equipment to promotion to episode planning. It’s a great listen if you want to get your podcast up and off the ground.

10. Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is a professional entrepreneurial mentor who has taught thousands of people how to build their companies. He runs a podcast called the School of Greatness where he and other industry leaders share their stories. The goal of the podcast is to find out what makes great people great.

11. Ray Edwards

The Ray Edwards Show is a weekly online radio show built for the small business owner, and those interested in starting their own businesses. Ray Edwards, the host of the show, is a recognized copywriter and communications strategist. He’s worked with some of the best business people in the world, ranging from Michael Hyatt to Tony Robbins.

12. Michael Hyatt

Speaking of Michael Hyatt, he also runs his own podcast called This is Your Life. With over 10 million downloads, the podcast helps listeners set goals, live with more passion, and lead with extraordinary influence.

13. Rainmaker FM

Rainmaker.FM has become the de facto source for all things digital marketing. Brian Clark and his team run a number of influential podcasts that bring even the most experienced marketing experts new tips, tactics, stories, and strategies.

14. This Old Marketing

Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose host This Old Marketing Podcast to help entrepreneurs and marketers understand everything from the fundamentals to the tricks of the trade. This Old Marketing covers content marketing, rants and raves about a hard-to-swallow marketing topic, and an example of the week. The combination often makes for exciting and insightful episodes.

15. Agents of Change

The Agents of Change podcast, with Rich Brooks, is the marketer’s dream guide for all things SEO and media marketing. Rich hosts interviews with leading marketers from around the globe to gain insider tips and strategies to increase the reach of your business.

16. Conversion Cast

The Conversion Cast podcast is focused on delivering raw, practical advice and helpful metrics for marketers. The show, produced by LeadPages, has helped the company gain tens of thousands of paying customers and hundreds of thousands of new leads.

17. The Owners Mind

Chris Brogan is an experienced marketer and storyteller. Perhaps even more importantly, he knows how to run a podcast that is really helpful. He cuts right to the point, in his interview-style podcast named The Owner’s Mind,  where he helps marketers grow businesses and improve connections.

18. Art and Business of Public Speaking

Dynamic Communicators, a training program, hosts a valuable podcast all about The Art and Business of Public Speaking. It’s a great resource for improving your speaking presence, helping you grow your audience, and loving your career.

19. The Razor Sharp Show

Ray Milidoni and Matt Romania host the always inspiring Razor Sharp Show, where they talk business, marketing, and personal development. Each episode is chock full of great, actionable ideas for growing and succeeding in business.

20. The Ictus Marketing Podcast

Mark Leonard, the host of The Ictus Marketing Podcast, made a major life change when he went from being a music teacher to running a marketing agency for non-profits and businesses. For his podcast, he seeks out guests with similarly unique stories and deduces important lessons about changing directions and doing things differently.

21. Digital Marketing Radio

Every week, David Bain, author of the 26-Week Digital Marketing Plan, interviews a different marketing guru on his podcast, the Digital Marketing Radio. Bain spends half the episode discussing their area of specialty and the second having them answer his standard questions, so you get everything you wanted to know and even what you wouldn’t think to ask.

22. Freelance Transformation

Matt Inglot, the host of Freelance Transformation, is an agency owner and freelance coach who want to help his listeners learn from his failures and emulate his, and others’, successes. He styles his podcast as the show that “doesn’t let guests omit the secret sauce,” so you get the most from their examples.

23. Marketing School

As its name suggests, Marketing School is the podcast designed to provide you with all the marketing skills you need to succeed. Each daily episode gets right to the point, with Neil Patel and Eric Siu giving you a concrete tip in just ten minutes. Listen every day and that adds up to a whole lot of value.

24. Online Marketing Made Easy With Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield, social media strategist and coauthor of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies, is all about the business of social media. Listen in to find out how to monetize your online marketing and blogging efforts using her tried, tested, and true lead generating strategies.

25. The Smart Passive Income Podcast

Pat Flynn is one of the most preeminent thought leaders when it comes to creating income streams that generate revenue without demanding ongoing effort. On the Smart Passive Income Podcast, he shares strategies, tips, and interviews with leaders in all fields. It’s so valuable that one reviewer wrote, “Pat’s podcast is worth more than an MBA.”

26. The Growth Show

Inbound marketing and sales software, Hubspot, is behind The Growth Show. Hosts Meghan Keaney Anderson and Kipp Bodnar interview well-known guests from a variety of backgrounds, breaking down their stories and deriving concrete lessons for how they achieved remarkable growth.

27. Science of Social Media

Presented by social media tool Buffer, the Science of Social Media podcast is an excellent resource on using social media across platforms and industries. The interviews with innovators and experimenters in social media marketing provide a weekly dose of inspiration and great ideas for sharing.

28. ProBlogger Podcast

Who better to teach you how to be a better blogger than Darren Rowse, whose blogs are read by over 5 million readers a month? The ProBlogger Podcast has tips, tricks, and case studies to help you figure out how to create great content, engage with readers, and monetize your work.

29. Steal the Show

Best-selling author Michael Port believes that every interaction is a performance, and he wants to teach you how to nail it. From client pitches, job interviews, speeches, to negotiations, the skills he helps you hone on Steal the Show will make you a more confident speaker and get you more of what you want.

30. Baby Got Booked

Baby Got Booked is the place to go to find out how to get free press. Hosted by award-winning journalist Geeta Nadkarni, creator of an online course with the same name, this podcast focuses on how to tell your story so that it captures attention.

The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anytime, anywhere. Immersing yourself in these ideas is a surefire way to build the knowledge and skills you need to take any business to the next level. Just make sure you have some way to jot down some notes – there’s too much good material in these to forget! Tune in to any of these, and you’ll definitely be spending your days in good company.